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Information according to § 16 InstitutsVergV
As a financial services company, we are subject to the "Regulation on the Regulatory Requirements for Remuneration Systems of Institutions". This regulation divides between simple and significant institutions. Since our balance sheet total in the last three fiscal years (pursuant to §1 Abs. 2 in conjunction with § 17 Abs. 1 InstitutsVergV) has not reached or exceeded the amount of 15 billion euros, Da Vinci Capital Partners GmbH is not yet considered a "major company" ,
Nevertheless, according to § 16 of this Ordinance, we are obliged to publish information on the structure of the remuneration systems and the total amount of all remuneration on our website. The remuneration of our management and our employees comprises fixed and variable components. On the one hand, the breakdown of the components takes into account the interest both of the employees and of the company in providing the employees with calculable cash flows, and on the other hand it is influenced by the consideration of involving the employees in the success of the company and a high incentive for a company through variable remuneration elements long-term successful activity. Depending on the financial situation of the institution, the variable remuneration can be reduced to zero.
Details of the total amount of all compensation and of the shares of fixed and variable components make it possible to draw specific conclusions about the remuneration of individual employees given the current size of the company. Therefore, for the time being, concrete information is not required with regard to the company's obligation to protect the privacy of its employees.